Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Israeli Herbal Tea Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Israeli Herbal Tea Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Israeli Herbal Tea

Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Israeli Herbal Tea

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Product Name: Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Israeli Herbal Tea
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Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Israeli Herbal Tea

Ein Gedi | Nourishing Fennel Seed-Carob | Israeli Herbal Tea

The ShalvaTea™ Fennel Seed-Carob blend is a fragrant, earthy mix, including cactus flower, sage, and dandelion green. The fennel adds a refreshing twist while the wild-harvested carob gives body and depth to this truly unique blend. A perfect caffeine-free morning pick-me-up, or as a digestif after heavy meals.

This blend was inspired by the native plants of Ein Gedi, an ancient freshwater canyon oasis flowing year-round into the Dead Sea. Known in biblical times as the source for the most rare herbs used in prized perfumes, the Ein Gedi blend continues in this fragrant tradition.

Ingredients: fennel seed, cactus flower, dandelion, sage, zootah (white-leaved savory), carob

Israeli Herbal Tea. Kosher. Vegan. Caffeine-Free.

Our tea tins each contain 20 square teabags, also known as "tea pillows", since they come with no bags or strings attached! This means we don't have to use any unnecessary plastic or staples, and the teabags can be easily composted after use.

Brewing instructions: place a teabag in your cup and pour over with boiled water.

Kosher Badatz - Beit Yosef

100% Natural Ingredients - Vegan


Shalva Tea

Start your morning the right way with this Tea from Shalva. Inspired by the dry, hot landscapes of the Land of Israel, the rich taste of this delicious tea is the perfect way to kick-start your day.

Shalva Tea brings you a splendid range of herbal teas and coffees from the Land of Israel. Each boutique blend is inspired by the rich array of different plants that grow across Israel's ancient landscapes, and each flavor carries the namesake of one of Israel's diverse ecological regions. Shalva Tea is infused with the values of sustainability and social justice. The company partners with special needs organizations in the packaging of their products, promoting community and inclusion within Israeli society, and uses only herbs locally produced on Israeli farms, as well as biodegradable packaging.

Enrich your breakfast with this authentic Tea from ShalvaTea. Produced in Israel.


Why ShalvaTea?

Simply put, we believe our boutique blends are the finest herbal teas the Land of Israel has to offer!

We strive to be a sustainable business, which means treading lightly on the earth and being a force for good in our community. That's why we have an emphasis on local (kosher) herbs from Israeli farms, seek out plastic-free biodegradable/recyclable packaging, and even deliver our teas around hilly Jerusalem by bike! It's also why we partner with special-needs organizations for our product packaging, providing community benefits for people of all backgrounds across Jerusalem.




Each ShalvaTea flavor carries the namesake of a different ecological region in Israel.  Why?  Our carefully crafted blends have been inspired by the array of plants found growing wild across these ancient landscapes, rich in history, biodiversity, and real natural flavors.

Real Ingredients * 100% Natural * No added flavors * Kosher




Since our founding in 2014, we've been working closely with community organizations that provide impactful vocational training for people with disabilities of all backgrounds. This includes tasks like assembling our locally made gift packages, applying stickers, and other tasks.

Free Deliveries are available for purchases from 300 NIS, in the major cities.

Jerusalem Thursdays or upon prior coordination
Haifa Thursdays or upon prior coordination
Dan Region Thursdays or upon prior coordination
Beer Sheva Thursdays or upon prior coordination
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