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Terms of Use -

Terms of use of the website, including an ancillary application or any system that presents the contents of the website (hereinafter: the "Platform") written in masculine language but intended for each person.
1.1. These Terms of Use will constitute your contractual obligation to surf the Platform, including the Supplier and / or Advertiser (hereinafter: the "User"). For any transaction including purchase via the Internet, through an app and / or telephone purchase, and constitute a valid contract between you and the platform owner (hereinafter: "the platform owner") while browsing the platform, when if the platform is transferred to other owners, the other owners will step into the platform owner's shoes Previous regarding these conditions. If you do not wish to comply with these terms, browsing the platform is prohibited. If you are interested in surfing the platform - these are the conditions that require you.

1.2. The platform owner's warranty is limited as set forth below. The owner of the platform, will not be responsible for actions and interactions between third parties, for example between different surfers, surfers and providers of products and services, etc. The user undertakes not to infringe the intellectual property rights of the platform owner and not to infringe the intellectual property rights or any other right of a third party. These provisions apply, without limitation, and without exception to other provisions, to all users of the Platform including vendors and advertisers, all as set forth in Sections 3-5, respectively, which constitute fundamental sections of these Terms.

1.3. As a legal capacity. It is not possible to place orders without providing credit card details or any other means of payment that will be acceptable by the platform owner including payment vouchers or billing services such as PayPal. If in practice a minor or a legally incompetent person has surfed and used the means of payment of a person who is qualified, it will appear as if that competent person is the user and he has acted in accordance with these conditions.

1.4. Sales pages. The owner of the platform allows you to purchase through the platform various products and services of suppliers operating in Israel (hereinafter: the "Products"), in a convenient, fast, easy way and at attractive prices.

For each product or service offered for sale, a "sales page" is displayed that includes the trade name of the supplier and / or importer, the product or service offered for sale, the sale price, product specifications, warranty and delivery details, payment terms and other relevant details (hereinafter: "sales page" ”). The details were provided by the seller; The owner of the platform tested them only superficially, so the responsibility in each case lies with the information provider.

1.5. Changes in terms of use. These Terms of Use are subject to change at any time by the owner of the Platform, at its sole discretion.

1.6. Additional conditions. The platform has a wide range of sales options, such as time-limited promotions, sales of various customized services and products, sales of tickets to events and shows and more. In addition to the terms and conditions stated on the sales page, in some cases additional terms apply in addition to the general terms set forth in these Terms of Use.

1.7. privacy. Use of the Platform is subject to the Privacy Policy of the Platform, which forms an integral part of this Policy. Without derogating from what is stated in the privacy policy of the platform. Please read it carefully. It is clarified that when registering for the platform, you can agree to receive various messages and mailings, including advertisements and service and system messages, from the owner of the platform and / or someone on its behalf.

1.8. Customer Service. For more details regarding the platform and its activities, you can contact the platform owner's customer service by e-mail


Delivery / transportation of products
Suppliers will arrange for the delivery of the products purchased on the platform to an address in Israel and / or to a pre-agreed collection point as delivered at the time of placing the order and in accordance with the delivery terms specified on the sale page of the products or services (hereinafter: "Delivery").

2.1. Order completion date. A confirmation of execution of an order received by the customer's e-mail containing the relevant order details, including the order number, customer details and order details, will constitute confirmation of receipt of the order by the platform owner. The date of completion of an order shall be deemed to be the date of approval of the order by all of the following, cumulatively (a) the approval of the customer's credit company; (B) receipt of the supplier's confirmation regarding the product's inventories in stock; (C) The approval of the owner of the platform (hereinafter: “the determining date”), and all relevant dates, including for the purposes of determining delivery dates, will be counted from the determining date only. Delays in which the customer is responsible will be his sole responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of section 43 of the Contracts Law (General Part), 1973.

2.2. Delivery of the products will be via Israel Post or through another delivery service to the address provided by the customer at the time of placing the order.

2.3. Delivery of the products to the customer's home through the delivery service or the postal service will be in accordance with the terms of the shipping company or the Israel Post (respectively) and subject to their distribution areas.

2.4. Delivery and transportation to restricted areas. In areas where access is restricted from a security point of view as defined from time to time by the security system and / or law enforcement agencies, suppliers may deliver the products to customers at an acceptable nearby location, which will be coordinated with them in advance. It is agreed that in some localities, the postal delivery service is carried out to the post office closest to the customer's place of residence

2.5. Additional charge for exceptional transportation. The delivery fees listed on the platform do not include exceptional and / or special transport, including transport to a high floor (third floor and above in a building without an elevator) and / or transport that requires special means for bringing the product to the customer's home and / or for transport to the customer's home. Lever and / or additional auxiliary power. In the event of exceptional transport and / or delivery outside Israel as aforesaid, the owner of the platform and / or the suppliers may charge an additional fee in accordance with what is stated on the sales page of the product, and / or as approved by telephone or otherwise individually with the customer.

2.6. Calculation of dates. The delivery times of the products / services listed on the sales page include only the calculation of business days (Sundays to Thursdays, except Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and public holidays) from the date of completion of the order as defined above.

2.7. Pickup. In some cases the purchaser of a product will be entitled to collect the product directly by self-collection from the supplier's warehouses, as specified on the sales page of the product. In the event that no possibility of self-collection is specified in a particular product and / or place